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Upholstery and lounge cleaning services in and around Wollongong

Upholstery and lounges are the only belongings in the house where you spend most of your time in a day. But do you ever clean the upholstery and lounges regularly? Everyday use of the upholstery causes bodily fluids to enter it. In fact, all your dead skin, dust, dirt, and grime gets absorbed by the upholstery. This is the main reason for your upholstery and lounges looking dirty and dull. They must be cleaned or else germs and bacteria start growing on them. 

We Couch Cleaning Wollongong offer excellent upholstery and lounge cleaning services in and around Wollongong. We have served many clients by now. Thus, you can also trust us for Lounge Cleaning Wollongong services. 

Lounge cleaning steps that we follow for absolute results

Our professional lounge cleaners follow various methods to clean different kinds of lounge problems. Lounges can get dirty and damaged very easily. Here are some sure steps that we follow for absolute results for lounge cleaning.

  • Steam cleaning with washing soap:Steam cleaning works best to get rid of all the dirt and stains from lounges. We use steam combined with soap water for better results. You can even use soap water individually for cleaning the lounges.
  • Blotting the stains using baby wipes: You won’t believe but baby wipes are actually great for cleaning lounges. They work best in removing stains from the lounges. You don’t even need to rub on the stain using baby wipes, just dab on it until the stain starts to come out.
  • Using sodium bicarbonate for the fresh feel of lounges: Bicarbonate of soda is the best if you want your lounge to look as fresh as new always. Freshen up your lounge by sprinkling dry bicarbonate of soda and leave it for some time to get absorbed. Moreover, this method can even be used to deodorize your lounge or get rid of bad odour. Just mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil just enough for the mixture to get wet. Sprinkle this mixture and vacuum, then dry out using a brush. 
  • Clean with a damp cloth if your lounge is Scotchguard protected: You might have Scotchgard protected your lounge but that does not mean you cannot clean it. Dust and stains still stay on the surface of the lounges. Using a clean damp cloth to wipe away lounges helps to keep your lounge clean.

We save your lounges with fabric protection services

By now you must have known how important cleaning a lounge is. But more important than that is to protect your lounges. It is essential to protect your lounges with proper fabric protection. That is why our agency offers fabric protection services for your lounges of all kinds. Protecting your lounges with a Scotchgard fabric protector is the best and we use the same for protecting your lounges at Couch Cleaning Wollongong. It will not only ensure that your lounge is protected but also prolong its life. A fabric protector of any kind prevents the entry of stains or dust inside and keeps your lounge clean.

We are a local team for cleaning leather and fabric lounge in Wollongong

Couch Cleaning Wollongong is a local lounge cleaning agency in Wollongong. We specialize in providing fabric and leather lounge cleaning services. Being a local team of Lounge Cleaning Wollongong professionals we cater to each and every part of Wollongong to provide the services for your fabric and leather lounges. We have never left any of our customers unsatisfied to date. Our only motive is to offer quick services to all our customers in this town, no matter how far they stay. 

Our professionals are always ready with their equipment and van so that they can reach your place as soon as possible to provide the services. In fact, being a local lounge cleaning agency helps us a lot in providing same day lounge cleaning services to the customers. We clean all the fabric couches in a neat way. Even for leather couches, we ensure there are no marks or scratches formed after cleaning. You can simply call us whenever you are in need of the fabric and leather lounge cleaning service. Our local professionals offer same day as well as quick services.

Why are we the best for lounge cleaning services in Wollongong

Our agency Couch Cleaning Wollongong has been working in this industry for many years. We have a great reputation in the couch cleaning industry for being reliable and trusted by so many customers. There is no other Lounge Cleaning Wollongong agency that can provide such amazing lounge cleaning services all under one roof. There are many other reasons that prove we are the best for lounge cleaning services in Wollongong as such:

  • We clean every inch: When it comes to cleaning, we never leave even a small detail. Our staff of professionals takes care of even the minor things if it is about lounge cleaning. Every nook, corner, and the edge of the lounge is cleaned properly by us.
  • Remove more than just dirt: Our services are so effective and amazing that we not only remove the dirt but also get rid of any kind of bacteria and germs. Over time, your lounges can absorb all the stains, dirt and form moulds, germs, and bacteria. Our lounge cleaning services help to get rid of them all.
  • Longer life to lounge: Cleaning the lounges is not just limited to make them look good. There is a lot more to a clean lounge. Properly cleaned lounges are good for maintaining healthy surroundings. Along with that, the professionally cleaned lounge can have a longer life because cleaning prolongs the life of a carpet.
  • Bundle packages-  We do not only provide lounge cleaning services at our company but also provide all kinds of upholstery services. You can even book multiple upholstery cleaning services in bundle packages.
  • Affordable charges: All the upholstery cleaning services that we offer including lounge cleaning services are available at affordable prices. You need not pay extra or worry about any hidden charges.

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