How To Clean Your Select Leather Upholstery

How To Clean Your Select Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery is one of the vital parts of our furniture. It is useful for us at home or at the office. Leather upholstery demands conditioning, regular cleaning, and maintenance. Else, the look and shape of your sofa may get damage. You need to follow a proper process to clean your leather sofa thoroughly.

While buying new furniture of leather you only determine the type of material that can provide you with the ease of cleaning and is more durable. The instructions for leather sofa care is different as compared to other fabrics. 

Here we are giving you some guiding tips on leather Upholstery odour and stain removal so that it will look fresh and new for future years:-

1.Water and white vinegar

Take water and white vinegar in equal ratio. Dip a soft muslin cloth in this solution to sponge the surface gently. Cleanse the upholstery with a fresh piece of the towel for some time, then again clean the complete length with a lightweight cotton cloth. This procedure will bring back the original beauty of your leather upholstery.

2.Washing the unprotected leather

Many makers of furniture often suggest dust or clean the unprotected aniline leather with the help of a clean dry cloth and then vacuum it regularly with the attachment of a soft brush. Some recommend the general wiping of the leather surface with a cloth moderately damp with refined water. Be very cautious while cleaning as any scratch or stain will destroy the beauty of your upholstery.

3.Scrubbing the protected leather

The products like ammonia or alkalies can damage the leather of your upholstery. Many certified cleaning agencies suggest that you should not use detergent, oils, furniture polishes, and any hard cleaners on leather. Use only those products that have been recommended to you by the experts.

4.Using soap and water

Some stains are very soft to treat. You need to dip a clean wet cloth in some hot soapy water. Wipe away the stain from your leather with it. Dip a small cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol can also help you in removing any stain from your leather upholstery. Try to spread this solution directly onto the stain so that the alcohol could not spread the stain more. Dry the leather of your upholstery with a clean dry cloth to avoid any moisture. In the end, apply the leather cream to re-moisturize the leather.

5.The magic of moisturizing your upholstered leather

Some particular areas of your leather upholstery are not so well. It is good to use serum and creams upon them as they can soften the leather and can make scratches unwrinkled. Before applying any new product on the leather, test for some small portion first. If the leather is coloured then be more cautious as any product can darken the colour of the leather.

6.Wiping the stains of water

Water can leave ugly stained rings on your leather upholstery furniture. Try to soak these spills with a dry microfiber piece of cloth immediately as if you will allow them to sit then it will be difficult to clean them properly. You will need distilled water and a leather conditioner. Wet the cloth with water and place it at the centre of the stain. Mop outward in a circular motion. Wipe the stain till the stain is faded completely. Let the affected area dry and if the stain is still visible then perform the process again. When the mark is gone then put the leather conditioner which is recommended by your manufacturer.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Service
Leather Upholstery Cleaning Service

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